Lic new children money back plan

Lic new children money back plan

Lic of india has launched an so many plans for the people of india to live live in a big size and on an festive occasion there the big plan for the kids is introduced and that is

Lic new children money back plan

Life insurance company which is the best and larget insurance company of india.

Because the kids do not seem too late! Find attractive payouts on the important stages of child development.

Key Features:

1. Age eligibility: 0 – 12 year’s, Maturity Age: 25 years

2. Minimum Sum Insured: R1 lakh, Maximum Sum Insured: No upper limit.

3. Money back installments: 20% of basic sum insured upon completion of age of 18, 20 and 22 years •

4. Maturity Benefit: Balance 40% of Basic Sum Assured and Bonus 0 Premium Waiver

5.Rider Benefit: Option to provide money back installments during the policy term.

Delaying option available


Lic children’s day gift


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